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Why Massage + Essential Oils is a Winning Combo

InstantCalmer Aromatherapy Massage (Hull, UK) provides holistic massage treatments, healing the mind and body. The benefits of massage are significant. Massage promotes stress and pain relief, whilst essential oils stimulate the body’s natural immunity through skin absorption and scent.

Why Massage + Essential Oils is a Winning Combo

By using specific essential oils InstantCalmer can tailor the therapeutic benefits to the mind and body. There are many benefits of massage with essential oils: naturally increasing oxygen circulation, easing muscle pain, lifting emotions and lowering fatigue. A raise in levels of endorphins created by aromatherapy massage establishes well being and mild sense of euphoria!

Aromatherapy massage allows essential oils to be absorbed into the skin and blood stream by being applied where they are needed the most. Massage with essential oils provides the benefit of topical application with the stress and pain reducing benefits of a massage.

Topical application allows essential oils to easily penetrate the skin to pass into the bloodstream and surrounding tissues. Massage with essential oils targets specific areas to enhance wellness.  As a qualified aromatherapist (certified by the International federation of Professional Aromatherapists) Beccy will develop a special blend of essential oils tailored to you requirements.

Massage with essential oils provides benefits from the inhalation of scent. Inhalation provides a method for scents to pass the olfactory nerves in the nose en route to the Limbic System, the sections of the brain responsible for mood, memory and learning. Stimulating the Limbic System releases endorphins and neurotransmitters resulting in feelings of happines and reduced stress.

Why Massage + Essential Oils is a Winning Combo

Not only do essential oils enhance the therapeutic benefits of massage, they further enhance natural immunity to provide a holistic approach to treatment. A massage with essential oils can target specific concerns whilst providing holistic benefits, promoting physical and emotional wellness.

The benefits of massage and aromatherapy are clear, they can help to balance heart rate, control hunger and reduce stress all thanks to its inter-relationship with the Limbic System.

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