Recognising the Early Symptoms of Stress

Unless you’re a hardcore spiritual seeker, it’s highly unlikely that you can break away from the normal storyline of your life and retreat to a Himalayan meditation oasis.

Therefore, you’re probably frequently overwhelmed by the deadlines, demands and frustrations of modern routine; even though you may not realise it, you probably suffer from the symptoms of being overstressed.

At InstantCalmer we have the answer to effectively dealing with the hassles of modern day living: Aromatherapy.

Recognising the Early Symptoms of Stress

Small doses of stress are actually beneficial.

tress is the body’s natural physical response to any perceived threat. Today of course, this is rarely a ravenous wild beast and more often a predatory beast of a boss or deadline. Regardless of whether you face physical or emotional danger, your body’s reaction is identical a torrent of stress hormones, such as adrenalin and cortisol, flood the body. These hormones elevate your pulse and blood pressure, quicken your breathing, and sharpen your senses. This is your body’s way of providing extra strength and stamina; giving you a faster reaction time and the ability to focus better when necessary, thus improving your overall short-term performance.

However, it’s true that too much of anything a bad thing, and too much stress certainly stops being helpful. Serious cognitive, emotional, physical and behavioural symptoms often manifest in people overburdened by stress. If your brain feels frazzled, leaving you powerless to remember things, lacking in concentration and making terrible judgements, you could be suffering from stress. If you’re an emotional tempest, snapping like a crocodile, then you could also be afflicted by stress. An aching body, chest discomfort, and loss of libido are all physical symptoms of stress, as are habitual changes in appetite and sleep patterns.

We cannot eliminate stress from our lives entirely, nor should we wish to, but it is important to manage it before our health is seriously affected.

Unfortunately, one other common symptom of stress seems to be that sufferers may not even realise that they are afflicted by it. If you see a loved one struggling to cope with the pressures of their daily routine, one of our InstantCalmer massage vouchers is the perfect persuasive and tactful gift. At InstantCalmer we offer a range of massage therapies, including Aromatherapy massage, which is an excellent treatment for catering specifically to individual needs, and Hot Lava Shell Massage or Warm Bamboo Massage which are both excellent stress busters. The comforting sensation of heat provides ultimate relaxation, stilling the mind and easing the cognitive and emotional symptoms of stress. Add this to the benefits of traditional massage, which stimulates blood circulation and relieves muscular tension, and you have a perfect holistic treatments for relieving the symptoms of stress.

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