How Aromatherapy Massage can Help To Treat Depression

Massage therapy is one of the oldest healing techniques used to naturally improve mood and sleep patterns. Regular massage therapy sessions play an important role in the management of stress, anxiety and depression. Stress manifests as both emotional and physical symptoms requiring and is best treated with an holistic approach. Depression can cause a debilitating change to an individual’s emotional and physical health.

How Aromatherapy Massage can Help To Treat Depression

Symptoms of depression include emotional turmoil, insomnia, chronic pain, low energy and difficulty in concentrating. The specific causes of depression can be difficult to identify so a holistic treatment plan is beneficial in achieving relief from the symptoms. Massage therapy provides a safe and nurturing treatment for individuals living with depression.

A massage provides a safe environment for the mind and body to connect. Human touch is soothing and promotes emotional healing. A massage raises self-awareness by providing an opportunity to consciously identify stress and tension.  This enhances the ability of the body to pro-actively release tension before it manifests in negative ways. Self-awareness promotes confidence and emotional stability. Massage creates a sense of euphoria by releasing stress and relaxing the body.

Massage stimulates skin causing the body to release the mood enhancing chemicals. Dopamine and serotonin create a sense of wellbeing and euphoria. Additionally, massage reduces the stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol, further promoting relaxation. Massage also stimulates organ systems to provide optimal functioning of the body. Invigorating the body boosts energy and concentration whilst simultaneously releasing endorphins that relieve symptoms of pain and depression.  Massage enhances physical health as well as reducing the negative impact of depression on emotional well-being.

Massage therapy provides a holistic treatment for depression. Addressing the health of both the mind and body is a natural and effective way to reduce the effects of depression. Massage provides a relaxing environment that enhances the well being of the individual and provides symptom relief from the physical and emotional impact of depression.

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