Full Aromatherapy Massage

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  • 75 minute treatment
  • £50

Your body has a lot of muscle groups, which is why it’s so easy to get aches and pains. Whether it’s from a long week at work or a gruelling gym session, a physical chore like cleaning the house or simply from sleeping in an awkward position, a build-up of tension in a specific area can prove to be anything from mild irritation to a daily problem.

You need a full body massage!

That’s when the InstantCalmer Full Aromatherapy Massage comes to the rescue, helping people to reclaim their flexibility, comfort and energy. (Having said that, many people book a treatment simply because they love the way it feels).

Working away at all of the muscle groups from head to toe and using our own unique blends of soothing oils, a Full Aromatherapy Massage takes a holistic approach, relaxing and invigorating tired muscles, releasing tension and even stimulating blood and lymph circulation, all while being wonderfully luxurious and enjoyable.

The treatment employs the Micheline Arcier technique, a holistic approach that brings on deep relaxation whilst in progress and improved well-being and peace of mind afterwards. Having originated in France, Arcier’s approach to aromatherapy massage is enjoyed throughout the world, and especially by Hull and East Yorkshire people who are lucky enough to have a skilled practitioner right on their doorstep.

The treatment is an indulgent 75 minutes long, so we recommend making space in your diary and booking in as soon as you can!

Full Aromatherapy Massage
Full Aromatherapy Massage

An indulgent, 75-minute aromatherapy massage. Helping people to reclaim their flexibility, comfort and energy.

Service Type: Aromatherapy Massage

Price: 50

Currency: GBP

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