Four Easy Ways to Improve Your Wellbeing

Everyone wants to be as healthy – mentally as well as physically – as they possibly can. Given the stress filled, busy world we live in that is not always easy though. Some people think that a magic answer lies with something that their doctor can prescribe. A pill to reduce stress or a medicine to cheer them up. There really isn’t though.

Four Easy Ways to Improve Your Wellbeing

The term ‘overall well-being’ relates to both the mental and the physical. There are some rather simple ways you can quickly and easily improve your overall well-being. They do not involve a trip to the doctor or spending a lot of money. Here are five great ways to Improve Your Overall Well-being:

Take a Fitness Class – The biggest reason why most people do not stick to their commitment to use a gym membership (even if they have paid for it) is that it gets boring. Stair-climbers and elliptical machines might provide a physical good workout but they are so mind numbingly repetitive!

A better alternative is to find a fitness class that interests you that offers benefits for both your body and your mind. Yoga is a great choice as is pilates. In both disciplines relaxation plays a big part and the variation offered means that a class is rarely boring.

Take Your Breaks – People do tend to think that if they work through their lunch break their boss will think that they are the best thing since sliced bread and that they will be much more productive. The reality is though that the boss probably won’t notice (because they went to lunch) and you will be so frazzled because you have been doing the same thing for hours that you will make more mistakes than you normally would and everything will take longer to get done.

Reconnect with People – These days we think we are being social because we check our email/Facebook every day and make the occasional comment or send a quick message because it is so much quicker than actually picking up the phone.

Real social relationships are crucial to your overall well-being though and these online interactions are beginning to take all of that away. However busy you are take the time to stop inviting your friends to play a game with you on Facebook and actually invite them over to your house – or out for dinner – instead. If they live far away actually pick up a phone and call them, talking is so much nicer sometimes than typing!

Get a Mid Week Massage – Massage offers all kinds of physical and mental health benefits and more and more people are actually beginning to realise that. They still however limit their visit to a massage therapist to special occasions or when they are on holiday because they think massage is a luxury or something to be reserved for a special treat. But it really isn’t.

Booking a massage in the middle of a busy week really can work wonders and because the benefits last for days you will be able to go into the weekend feeling good instead of feeling like you want to crawl into bed until Monday comes around again.

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