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Benefits of Massage with Essential Oils

Ancient Chinese medical texts, dating back 4,000 years, refer to the therapeutic benefits of massage. The Egyptians, Babylonians, Greeks and Romans all considered massage a powerful means of promoting well-being. At InstantCalmer in Hull, we regard massage as one of the most effective treatments for relaxation and the reduction of modern day stress. Our professional massages benefit the body’s muscular, nervous, circulatory and immune systems. We understand that everyone is unique, and we do everything we can to adapt our treatments to suit the individual. Aromatherapy massage is the perfect way to achieve this because the treatment combines all of the beneficial qualities of massage with the power of nature, in the form of specially blended essential oils.

What are Essential Oils?

Benefits of Massage with Essential Oils

Essential oils can be extracted from bark, flowers, roots, seeds, fruit, nuts or other parts of plants by a variety of processes, such as distillation and pressing. They are highly concentrated and are believed to contain the plants’ ‘life force’. The aromas belonging to these oils can then be released with the use of oil burners, incense, candles or other methods. Because these oils are so highly concentrated, they will normally have to be expertly blended with other carrier oils or lotions before they can be safely applied directly to the skin.

How Do Essential Oils Work?

The main principle behind aromatherapy is exactly as its name suggests, aromatic essential oils are used to deliver therapeutic benefits, through the sense of smell. The nasal passage is crammed with extremely sensitive receptor cells. The cells detect the essential oils, and then send signals to the brain for interpretation. Our sense of smell is very closely related to our emotional being, and specific smells have the ability to evoke a range of emotions, such as happiness, melancholy and even sexual desire. During aromatherapy, molecules of essential oils enter the nostrils and can cause direct physical responses, including a change in pulse rate, blood pressure and breathing. Continued therapy sessions over a period of time have been proven to help improve memory, digestion and boost the immune system.

When you receive an aromatherapy massage at InstantCalmer, you get the added benefit of essential oils that have been expertly blended into a form where they can safely penetrate the skin, enter the bloodstream and promote whole body healing.

Your Own Personal Blend

The addition of essential oils to a massage has the added benefit of allowing the therapist and the client to tailor the treatment exactly to suit individual requirements. Healing, cleansing or relaxing blends can be created exactly as needed to restore harmony to the body. Each particular essential oil has a widely accepted mood property associated with it. For example, Bergamot and Cedar Wood are well-known anxiety busters, and Jasmine is universally praised as being an effective libido enhancer as well as helpful in easing depression. Furthermore, there are well-known blends or ‘recipes’ which combine the power of several different essential oils to create a mood blend that will obliterate fatigue, feelings of isolation or low self-esteem, for instance.

Because of the powerful influence of aromas over moods, aromatherapy is also used to treat emotionally related conditions, such as insomnia, headaches, digestive disorders, PMS, and back pain.

Consult with us at InstantCalmer, and we will create a unique aromatherapy blend to use during your massage, which specifically targets personal requirements and leaves you feeling balanced, energized, or tranquil, according to your wishes. An aromatherapy massage voucher is also the perfect personalised gift that any receiver is certain to love since the treatment is tailor-made just for them.

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