Aromatherapy Facial

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  • 60 minute treatment
  • £40

The InstantCalmer Aromatherapy Facial is designed to work for you on a very personal level. Using products that suit your skin type, we gently remove dirt and excess oils to thoroughly cleanse the face. Next, we expertly exfoliate to remove any particularly defiant traces of dirt and dead skin. Then we tone, removing residue cleanser to leave the skin feeling refreshed.

Using suitable facial oils, we gently massage the face, neck, décolletage, shoulders and head. Aside from being wonderfully enjoyable, this stage of the InstantCalmer Aromatherapy Facial relaxes the skin, promotes circulation, and eases muscle tension around the jaw, shoulders and upper back.

So, you’re now feeling cleansed, toned and relaxed – time for the hot towels! This stage opens pores and has a very soothing effect, plus it also prepares the skin for the subsequent face mask, which is made from rose clay and applied to the skin to draw out deep impurities. Rose water pads are placed over the eyes and peppermint and rosemary balm applied to the lips. The mask needs to be left to dry, so we make the most of your time by treating you to a wonderful hand or foot massage.

After the mask is removed, the skin is toned once more and moisturised with a product suited to you. During the final few minutes of your Aromatherapy Facial, refreshing eye gel is applied and a warm wheat mask placed over the eye area. Never before have you felt so refreshed!

With all of our products blended in-house and specific requirements catered for, all you need to do is work out when to take your 60-minute treatment.

Aromatherapy Facial
Aromatherapy Facial

The InstantCalmer Aromatherapy Facial is designed to work for you on a very personal level, using products that suit your skin type

Service Type: Aromatherapy Facial

Price: 40

Currency: GBP

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