Total Aroma Massage

Total Aroma Massage – £66

105 minute treatment time

The InstantCalmer Total Aroma Massage is the king and queen of relaxation treatments. First we treat you to an all-over body brushing, preparing your skin for our unique blend of essential oils and skin softening carrier oil to be applied. Half way through the massage comes the luxury aromatherapy facial, revitalising the skin whilst detoxifying and decongesting it simultaneously. We then continue the massage so your entire body will benefit from the fantastic soothing sensation, your muscles are revived and the skin made soft, supple and healthy in one amazing holistic treatment.

105 minutes of pure indulgence, our Total Aroma Massage is an entire half hour longer than our Full Aroma Massage, so it’s a special occasion in itself and is often purchased in the form of vouchers for friends to celebrate a birthday or anniversary, or even as a leaving gift for a work colleague moving to new pastures. Or you could just treat yourself to something truly incredible on a whim because you know that you deserve it.

The InstantCalmer Total Aroma Massage should not be taken lightly. Results include intense relaxation, improved well-being, increased flexibility, beautiful skin, clearer breathing, loss of headache, tension-free muscles and a long-term feeling of satisfaction. Book an appointment only if you wish to become the most chilled out and smiley person in all of East Yorkshire.

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HealthShield reimbursement for treatments

HealthShield reimbursement for treatments

Treatment rebates for HealthShield clients in Hull. Did you know that our Hull Massage clinic is registered with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC). If you are a HealthShield customer you may be entitled to a refund for our massage treatments....

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