Pregnancy is an exciting time for women, but it can often bring some unwanted side effects. Backaches, headaches, swelling and muscular tension are all common complaints during pregnancy. Mums to beoften have concerns over the potential dangers of traditional pain treatments and medication.

The e-book Bump To Birth is brilliant resource to holistic therapies during pregnancy. You can check it out using this link.

Aromatherapy pregnancy massage is a natural, healthy and holistic alternative to pain relief and can be a beneficial addition to any pregnancy treatment plan.

Essential oils can be used during aromatherapy pre-natal massage. Essential oils are derived from plants and deliver natural benefits through topical application as well as inhalation.  Pregnancy massage promotes circulation, providing relief from oedema (swelling / water retention). Aromatherapy massage relaxes muscles and reduces cramping and stiffness. Massage and aromatherapy create a sense of well being by lowering anxiety and helping to combat depression whilst promoting restful sleep.

At InstantCalmer we practice pregnancy massage techniques that are totally safe and that provide genuine relief from the uncomfortable symptoms that occur in pregnancy. As a member of the International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists (IFPA) you can be assured that we’re well trained and that you’re in safe hands. An aromatherapy pregnancy massage uses a customised blend of safe essential oils that concentrate on the specific needs of a pregnant woman.  Pillows and padding are used to provide a comfortable and safe experience for women in any trimester of their pregnancy. Aromatherapy pregnancy massage during the final months of pregnancy can help to promote relaxation and leave mums feeling refreshed and revived.

Most essential oils provide safe and therapeutic benefits to women during their pregnancy. However certain essential oils should be avoided during pregnancy so it is important that any treatment is provided by a qualified aromatherapy massage therapist. Women that are experiencing sensitivity to strong scents, particularly during their first trimester, may prefer to enjoy a relaxing pregnancy massage without essential oils.

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